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9,000 Needles- Review

Posted on July 26, 2011 by 1 Comment

Last March we had the ICCM congress here in Israel.
It’s a great event, where we get to meet people from our local community, and also people from the global community of Chinese Medicine.
That is, I think, not just important, but also just lots of fun.
The congress was a 4-day-long party, and we had many interesting events, all about Chinese Medicine.

I had some contributions for the event, one of them was the first screening in Israel of the movie 9,000 Needles.
I”m sure many of you know about the movie by now, and probably watched it. For those who didn’t- the movie tells the personal story of Devin Dearth, a body builder from the US who suffered a massive stroke. Trying to find the best ways to heal himself, he travels to China, for a 6 weeks program of acupuncture, moxa, cupping and physiotherapy sessions- everyday, almost all day long.
The experience is being filmed by his brother, Doug, and the result is this movie.

The Jewlery of ShenNong

Posted on July 3, 2011 by Write a Comment

sharon_benraf_1Things are happening in the Israeli Chinese Medicine scene!
I sometimes need to remind myself to take a step back, remember how it was 6 years ago, when I started my business on the Internet in Hebrew. Most of the time, it felt like nothing- no activities, about 2 or 3 post- graduate courses, no seminars.
I knew that there were some thing every now and then, but it was so hush-hush, and word-to-mouth, that it was impossible to reach most of the practitioners or even most of the students.

6 years have past, and things changed dramatically.
We have an international congress, we have really interesting seminars (for example- Dr. Tan visited Israel and gave an inspiring workshop), we have post-graduate courses, we have little conventions, integration with hospitals….
And now we have jewelry.

Bit by bit

Posted on June 16, 2011 by 2 Comments

boomerang_finalThis past year and a half were packed with action:
Lots of work on my Hebrew website and as a direct result a wonderful growth of the business.
On the personal side… well, let’s just say that things were a bit on the sad side of life, and it took a while to get over it.
Thankfully, I have a loving and wonderful husband and a beautiful sunshine who is my 4 and half year old boy, and they both helped to go on with life.

I’ve been thinking a lot about CMNotes.
Been feeling bad about neglecting this blog. It’s not an easy task for me to write in English. At the same time, I enjoy writing in English, and even though I’m not doing the best work around, I love it.
Plus, the fact that I can connect with so many people from the international community of Chinese Medicine is wonderful.
Adding all these things up, I knew that I will get back to writing, I just didn’t know when.

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Inadequate and Unsubstantiated Evidence

Posted on December 3, 2009 by 9 Comments

ivfEarlier this year, an article was published by Boivin and Schmidt in the journal Human Reproduction.
The article presented a research, which concluded that CAM therapies might cause a decrease in pregnancies in women who were using CAM therapies during their IVF treatments. The article stated a decrease of 30%.

I was made aware of this misleading article by a colleague from Israel, Aviv Messinger, who along with Daniel Seidman wrote a response to the article. whic the journal chose to publish.
Here is the full comment.

Links- Another Round Up

Posted on November 25, 2009 by 3 Comments

another_linkIt seems that the field of Chinese medicine is on a global rise.
I feel that everyday I get more and more news flowing my way about new projects, new clinics, new interesting discussions, more research…. I love it.

I know I’ve been neglecting my writing on CMNotes.
*hanging head in shame*
I also know that lately, you heard many reasons. They really are reasons, real valid ones too, not just excuses.
I love writing about Chinese medicine, and I love writing about it in English. Lately, I’ve been meeting new and interesting people through this blog and I am very grateful for it.
Please bare with me, and forgive me for not being able to write more. I hope this will soon change.

Community Acupuncture in Israel

Posted on November 11, 2009 by 5 Comments

ca_in_israel1First- a short explanation
The lack of posting is mainly due to a lot of work.
For those who might not know, I have a big website in Hebrew about Chinese medicine, it’s name is Sinit (which means “Chinese” in Hebrew), and it’s been running for the past 4.5 years.
The website has grown a lot over the years. What started as a little thing is now huge with a blog and another site where the community can share notes from their years in school and from various lectures.
All the work is being done by me, and normally I will not complain about it (ok, maybe just a little…). But in the past month we- my husband and myself- started a huge make over fort he website: logo, layout, target audience- almost everything is going to change. The things that will not change will still grow.
The make over+ keeping the website up and running as usual take up all my work time, which is limited to begin with. So what I’m trying to say is- I don’t blog not because I don’t want to!

Community acupuncture in Israel
Having said that, a very exciting thing is happening in Israel, and I can’t help but feeling like I had something to do with it:
Last year I uploaded an article on my Hebrew website about community acupuncture, written by Roy Green Pach.
Roy talked about the struggles he had with being out of school and trying to make it as a practitioner. He also talked about deciding to adopt the principles of community acupuncture in his hometown Jerusalem.

Acupuncture Day- October 24th, 2009

Posted on October 24, 2009 by 1 Comment

aomdayToday we mark Acupuncture Day, where we the practitioners take some time to offer some good content to those interested in acupuncture and oriental medicine.

So how should we mark this day?
The web is full of explanations of how acupuncture works, yin and yang… You don’t really want me to start writing about that, right?
I thought that maybe we should take a more interesting appraoch and so things a bit different this time.
So I’m going to suggest a number of links that I think offer good information about how Chinese medicine can work well for patients (and practitioners too!):

A Few Thoughts About H1N1

Posted on October 6, 2009 by 4 Comments

calmHave you noticed how the whole world is buzzing and scared of  the swine flu??
Of course you have. How can you not? Every now and then we got a scary headline that another person died of the disease, making everyone really scared of this mysterious new form of flu.
It seems that lately, those alarming headlines calmed down, and instead, people are talking a lot about a vaccine.

I decided to start reading about the swine flu, to know more about it.
The more I read, the more paranoid I became- is it possible that we are being scared out of our minds over a simple disease? Is it possible, that we are being pumped with only one side of the story?
I mean, there were little notices about people recovering from swine flu just like any other flu, but for some reason, those little articles were not made into huge headlines.
Why is that? Could it be that the reason for spreading the fear is for better vaccine sales?

Shen-Hammer Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis Seminar

Posted on September 28, 2009 by 1 Comment

pulseThe pulse is probably one of the most important assets for a practitioner.
We have a number of tools to diagnose, but it seems that most people agree that the pulse will remain a key tool.
Of course, it is very difficult to master. Some say that it takes about 10 years of practice to start figuring out all the nuances.

One of the practitioners who teach the pulse is Dr. Leon Hammer.
Dr. Hammer himself might not teach anymore, but he has students to carry the torch and pass on the valuable information.
One of those students is Ross Rosen, who had a guest post about Chinese pulse diagnosis in CMNotes last year.
Ross will be teaching a Shen-Hammer Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis Seminar on November, in NJ.
I am attaching all the details for you below.
If you get a chance, if you can get to NJ, studying more about the pulse is always a good thing.

Chinese Medicine on the Web- Updates

Posted on September 21, 2009 by 2 Comments

cm_on_webIt’s been a while since I last talked about some of the new things that are happening on the Internet where Chinese medicine is concerned.
To be honest- it’s been a while since I last wrote here, and I’m a bit rusty!
But, I’m ont worried. I’m sure I’ll get back into shape in a post or two.

To kick things off- a wonderful piece of news from Richard Goodman, the author of Classical Chinese Medical Texts:
If you have a PayPal account, you can now pre-order both volumes of CCMT, pay $55.95 and shipping is free.
That’s right, shipping is free. Ah, that’s great news if you ask me. Living outside the USA or Europe means that you pay extra for shipping, and then when you think about customs… oy.
This offer is good until CCMT volume 2 is out, on October, then the price goes up to $59.95, but shipping is still free.
I urge you to visit Richard’s website and check out the free on-line course that helps one read the book and make better use of it, this way it can help you decide whether these books are good for you or not.
You can also check out the interview with Richard by clicking here.

Miriam Lee’s 10 Points- Guest Post

Posted on September 13, 2009 by 3 Comments

ten_leeThis post was written by Revital Kerem, a colleague from Israel.
Revital sent me her thoughts after reading the news of Miriam’s Lee passing last June.
I was glad to get the chance to know more about Lee’s work, so much so that I asked Revital if she’s willing to translate her Hebrew article to English.
So here is it, Revital’s tribute to Miriam Lee.


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